REVIEW: UNCONVENTIONAL – Maggie Harcourt(🇬🇧)(4/62)

Happy Book Birthday to UNCONVENTIONAL 🎂 🎉 by Maggie Hartcourt!! It is out today and I can not be more excited!!!

Hey everyone! It’s Anna 🙊. How are you doing these days? I am a bit out because this is my final exams week and it’s killing me, but it will be over soon and everything will come back to normal. I am here today with an amazing review of an even more amazing book I had the pleasure to read this month and that comes out today!! Thank you so so much, Usborne UK for the ARC and for the opportunity you gave me to read it before it came out. It was fantastic of you, thanks!  💙


The book is, as you can see on the title (I dunno why I do try to create a buzz about it, but anyways), UNCONVENTIONAL  📁 🍍📱 by Maggie Harcourt!

btw, the final cover…  💙 💙 💙 💙 beautiful!!!

And it is actually a really really great book that allows us to get into this amazing world of bookish conventions that had made me so anxious to attend one of them!! I have never been to a bookish con before and I bet they are the best, so going is, no doubt, on my near future to do list!

🍐 🍑 🍒 🍓 / 5

Shall we?


Lexi Angelo is a Convention Kid – she’s got a clipboard and a walkie talkie to prove it.

Aidan Green is a messy-haired, annoyingly arrogant author and he’s disrupting her perfect planning.

In a flurry of awkward encounters, lost schedules and late-night conversations, Lexi discovers that some things can’t be planned… Things like falling in love.

lives for his father’s conventions. And it is not because she is forced to or anything, but she loves it 💙💙! She feels like home,she has a family in the con staff and tumblr_inline_n4fxzgfuk51syqu3nspends happily almost every single weekend helping his dad running them in order to all to be perfect. And Aideen Green was just that really rude guy who tried to get into the VIP room they have for guests that happened to be the Lexi’s fav book’s writer (that was a lot of ‘s) that she has re-read like a hundred times since her ARC came in the mail! 


So, let’s see: this books is BOMB 💣 !! I has all these amazing things about bookworms as us, about fandoms and books 📖, and conventions and cosplays… This books brings all those cool stuff that all of us love so much together and mixes then with a very Dan Humphrey-ish cute kind of writer that we all gonna fall in love with! It’s impossible not to like this book! 😍😍

I really really fell for him! He is my most recently bddce8c61d2db99a5a95855cea18bf56book boyfriend, no doubt! The story itself is very sweet and it is about so many things that may not look that important in the plot but all of them together build a very deep and strong story about life, and love💙, and parent-good and friendship as well. Lexi’s father might be the best when it comes to hosting events, but he has no idea about being a parent and not a boss with Lexi, and her mom is in France, so she hasn’t really anyone to support her. And what about classes and Uni and her grades? Nobody cares  about it, so she doesn’t  either. Her life seems perfect, but it is far from it.  🙍‍♀️

And that it is not enough because this guy appears in her life and got her super confused because she suddenly  founds herself between the nervous-cute in glasses Aiden that trembles and blushes everytime or the super confident writer that has written the most successful book since Harry Potter which has taken over the world 🌎🌎 . #DRAMA

Drawings Of Couples Hugging Tumblr Easy Devlin This Is Wrongquot He Whispered Gently Pushing Her BackBut honestly, I really really enjoyed this idea about the super-great and fantastic Aiden’s book, because it has this YA fantasy magic kind of thing that I loved and still made me so angry because I will never be able to read it, so… Thanks for the useless hype, Maggie 😉😉

This book is very quick and light even though it has almost 500 pages, and it is super fun to read! I mean it, there are scenes where I had to stop reading because I was laughing out loud (not always, UNCONVENTIONAL has DRAMA too). But I really enjoyed the reading, it was delightful! 

And the English (though it’s british af) is super easy and understandable, so you know 💪💪/5 !!! READ IT 😇

I honestly don’t know what else to say! This book is wonderful 😍💛, it has all these fangirl things that I loved from the botton of my heart, all that backstage drama. THEY  HAVE WALKIE TALKIES for christsake and a alarm word in case everything turns apart (guess:🍍)

Aideen is the best thing ever! I mean, I fell for him since the first minute because his character is really well-built (I won’t spoil anything but HE IS). And so is Lexi! She has become my bff, she is a bookworm as I am (and you, probably). We share fears and insecurities that we should face eventually, and so she does! We are humans, we all make mistakes and we all take worng decisions, so what? And btw, Leideen is my newest OTP 💙💙💙💙 (cute love goals). The story in general is so beautiful, deep and lovely I want to squeeze it til the end!

b855b5bb32c68e1dcf1a70749fb9ea6dI am sorry for being annoying, but this book was jut so good! 💛🍍

Thank you again Usborne UK for the ARC, I truly enjoyed it!


It deserves to be read so so much !

See you next time & enjoy your reading!




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