Hello everyone! It’s Anna and today I’m here (again) with a review! yayyyyyy 👏👏 👏

I don’t know why but I’m reading nothing but books in English these days, so I’m doing nothing but writing English reviews! It feels right, but I have tons of books in Spanish that need me to read them, so… 😅 I hope I could upload an English review every week1 We’ll see… 😏😏

I’m so excited to share my love and everything I felt with this books (which was a lot you guys) because it was really really good. It is 💕  EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU by Nina LaCour 💕;

An absolutely delight!  🍈 🍉 🍊 🍋 🍌 / 5

51nfx45zbjl-_sx331_bo1204203200_I can’t say that this book follows the story of a girl named Emi, or Ava’s story, or even Charlotte’s story… because it doesen’t.

I’ve loved jumping into this book with an empty picture of what it was like or about. When I started reading it I didn’t even know it was a LGBT kinda book (it took me a while to realize Emi was a girl as well as Morgan) and, God, I was so looking forward to read some LGBT-y book and finding this as a sourprise was exactly what I needed.

Okay, maybe I could tell you something about the plot, just a bit.


We find Emi, a (six timesbrokenhearted gilrl with an amazing talent for set design,  an amazing brother and an amazing future ahead. We have her bff, Charlotte, a very very very supportive friend with a gift on people skills. And, last but not least, Ava, a homeless girl with an amazing lack of love in her life that suddenly will bump into these girls, what willEVERYTING.png change their lives for good.

The feeling that I got by reading this book has been like I was watching a movie. A long one. The plot actually moves around cinema and, mostly, the backworld in movies, how they are made, what I think it’s a really rare topic in YA novels and I, personally, loved to read about.

EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU is a beautiful story about love, and family and learnig how to be able to stand for yourself and saying ‘I love you but you don’t love me, so it’s over’. 

Finishing, I NEED to speak to you guys about Ava. It sometimes happens to me, that I picure myself as the main character because, I don’t know why but sill. But, in this book I felt so related to Ava, like really retaled to her, it scared the hell out of me. She is a difficult girl with such a  complicated and hard life behind her that suddenly finds herself in a big fancy restaurant having luch with Emi and Charlotte while she’s researching about her family’s past. She’s overwhelmed about everything that was happening and it happens that I see myself in her, and I have no idea why because her life and mine are not alike at all. But I could understand her. I saw her, you know?, while reading this book.

Maybe I’m crazy but I couldn’t be happier now that I read this beautiful book about movies and love. So you know, if you are into some LGBT-y book right now, pick up this one right away!!!

Sometimes a bit cheesy but very good 👍 And, btw, I loved the green couch thing, you’ll understad… eventually !! READ TO KNOW!!

Oh, and don’t worry because of the English thing because it’s  easy as pie 🍰, 🇪🇸 vamos, que se entiende que da gusto de leerlo 🇪🇸 so, 💪 / 5

So, this is everything! Such a beautiful book to read.📖

Thank you Nina for this amazing story and for your beautiful writing and everything! I so enjoyed it! 😍

Thank you so so so much for reading it, feel free to follow my blog if you like (don’t forget toconfirm the subscription by email if you don’t have a WordPress account!) and see you next time!!!!

Enjoy your reading !! 💘 💘


  1. ¡Hola, bonita!

    Estaba esperando con especiales ganas esta reseña porque Everything leads to you es un libro que me muuuuero de ganas por leer después de saber que era LGTB entre dos chicas ya que es una temática de la que hay poco material en español. Así que primero para mí es un alivio que te haya gustado tantísimo y también que esté escrito en un inglés sencillito que sea fácil de entender porque así no tengo tanto miedo de ponerme con su lectura.

    Ojalá consiga conectar con alguno de los personajes de la misma forma en que lo has hecho tú y también disfrutar de la lectura de la misma forma que tú. ¡Ya comentaremos cuando me anime a leerlo! ^^

    Un besazo enorme.

    Me gusta

  2. ¡Hola! La verdad es que este libro tiene muy, muy buena pinta. Me encanta la portada y, después de leer tu reseña, ya me convences totalmente.
    Tampoco he leído nada del género LGTB, por lo que creo que para empezar este sería perfecto porque también tengo mucha curiosidad ^^.
    Me ha encantado que te identificaras tanto con una de las protagonistas, eso significa que ha sido un buen libro.

    ¡Besitos guapa! 💖💖

    Me gusta

  3. La portada es simplemente maravillosa y preciosa ^-^ La verdad es que nunca he leído una historia LGTB donde las chicas fueran las protagonistas y creo que por lo que dices esta es la historia perfecta para extremarse. Sin duda, no hay nada como cuando un personaje se parece tanto a uno mismo y eso, también me atrae mucho a la hora de leer un libro. Así que no lo descarto :):)


    Me gusta

  4. Hola! Lleva llamandome la atención este libro desde hace mucho tiempo, y tiene tan buenas criticas que no hacen más que aumentar mis ganas.
    Me alegro que te haya gustado tanto este libro y que lo hayas disfrutado.
    ¡Muy buena reseña!
    Nos leemos!

    Me gusta


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