Hello, everyone! It’s Anna and I know it’s been FOREVER since I wrote my last English post (if you haven’t seen it yet, click here), but I haven’t been reading anything this summer  (even though I planned to) and, besides, I wasn’t in the mood either. I have been feeling kind of uncomfortable with my blogger life and how things were coming back to me. I was feeling forced to read and review books that I wanted to read for fun… I was loosing the point of all of this blogger thing.

But now I’m reading and reviewing what I want and how I like to do it, because I still love talking about the books I read so… why should I stop doing this? 🙊🙌

Today I’m here with an AMAZING book I just finished, SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi ( I 💘 to pronunce this name, like Sabaa Tahir).


Look at these beautiful covers!

🍍 🍎 🍏 🍐 🍑 / 5

Now I know I should hace read this book waaaaaaay before I did, but in my defense I must say I started with the audiobook, but the device I was using sucks so  I gave it up. Then I bought it for like 9 € or so and, finally this month I felt like reading it… so I did, AND THANK GOD I DID.

This book follows the story of Juliette, a girl with a special gif/curse. Her touch is lethal, she can hurt, or even kill sombody  just by touching them. That’s whe has been locked for almost a year in a cell by herself, til this guy, this cellmate shows up. Adam will change her life for good.

Apparently, the world we know doesn’t exist anymore. Everything is dying or dead already, and The Reestablishment has taken control of everything you can imagine by fooling the population. This book is so messed up it scares the hell out of me.

I think this is a really strong novel, with an amazing worldbuilding and fantastic characters.


 I felt very related to Juliette. She’s such a brave and insecure girl (she has her reasons to) that, although she’s the one suffering after all, will fight every single one person if it’s needed to save the ones she loves and, most important, to save everyone from herself, because she knows people will get hurt even though she doesn’t want to hurt them in the first place. She does not control her power and she’s aware of it.

I loved the rest of the cast. Adam is great and protective and, although I didn’t trust him AT ALL at the beginning and for the most of the book, he turns out to be a wonderful guy with a big fat heart.

Warner is the creepiest man I’ve ever read about. I loved this character, he’s very interesting and mind-blowing. But, GOD HE IS CREEPY 24/7.

And I’m not talking about Kenji at all, because I don’t want to spoil this marvelous story but he’s a really important character. Don’t underestimate him!

The only thing I liked but didn’t love is the love plot 💘 💘 in this book. It kind of makes sense once it is explained to you, but not completely… It was really fast for me. At the end, yeah, I think it’s cute and all, but throughout the story line it didn’t make much sense to me. I couldn’t see the love, it was just there. It came out of nowhere and 😐 😐, you know? But it’s ok and it gets better through the pages.

Brief, I loved this book. It’s a total keeper and a must! I cannot wait to read UNRAVEL ME because OMG WITH THE END. I need to know what happens next! Aaaaaand that’s mostly it for today!

Oh, the level…

This book to me, was💪💪💪/ 5 (it wasn’t the easiest, but it was quite understandable, but not for beginners).

Now this is it! Please, read this trilogy because Tahereh Mafi is bae and her writting is beautifulBuy the boxset here (27.21 €)!

Have you reead this book? Did you love it as much as I did? I HOPE YOU DID! 😁 😁

Thank you so so so much for reading it, feel free to follow my blog if you like (don’t forget to confirm the subscription by email if you don’t have a WordPress account!) and see you in the comment section bellow!!!!

Enjoy your reading !! 💘 💘



7 comentarios sobre “REVIEW: SHATTER ME – TAHEREH MAFI (42/55) 🇬🇧

  1. ¡Hola guapaaa! No sabes lo que me ha gustado leerte en inglés y con la facilidad con lo que lo he hecho ejejejeje voy a empezar a coger el ritmo de nuevo de leer en ingles porque no quiero olvidarme de todo lo que sé.
    Ahora puessss, de estos libros solo he leido el primero y me encantó pero no he podido hacer con los siguientes aun pero le tengo unas ganas horribles *-*
    Me alegro de que te haya gustado tanto !!!
    Un besoo y nos leemos <33

    Me gusta


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