Real Neat Blog Award 🙈

Hello everyone! It’s Anna and today I am suuper super excited and I feel really happy to bring you the REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD! 🙊🙊 I have been nominated by the amazing Book Huntress’ World  blog (so thank  you thank you so much).

I planned this to be a really short and light post, so let’s get into it!

The Rules are (I feel very watermelon today):
🍉 Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
🍉 Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
🍉 Create 7 questions for your nominees.
🍉 Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Well, I don’t really feel like nominate anyone, feel free to do it if you want to. Anyways,  I’d like to suggest 🙋 Ana from THE MISSTERY blog 🙋  NOVELGOSSIP blog 🙋 The Writing Garnet blog 🙋 FROST AND BOOKS blog and 🙋 Chris from CHRIS MOON blog to do it. (Almost seven, I know). Don’t be evil, lads, it’s just a post  💘 

These are the questions that the lovely Alyssa from BOOK HUNTRESS’ WORLD has given to me, so here we go !

🍓Do you read non-fiction books?  Non-fiction doesn’t exist as a genre itself here where I live, but I read mainly fantasy and YA contemporary though.

🍒Which book or series do you consider a must-read? It depends if you like high fantasy or not, but I think The Name of the Winf by Patrick Rothfuss is a total must. 🍇 🍈 🍉 🍊 🍋 OUT OF 5. If you prefer to read YA, To all the boys I’ve loved before books are indispensable.

🍑How do you pick your next book to read? It depends, because my mood interfieres a lot when it comes to choose the next book I’ll be reading, so I need to kind of talk to myself and say Anna, how are you feeling today? and then I choose. But if I have bought a book recently, that one would win… That’s why I have a huge TBR pile with the same books all the time in it.

🍐Do you use bookmarks, or dog-ear? ALWAYS BOOKMARKS! Actually, I have a lot of them and I am OBSESSED. Besides, who does fold book pages? It’s disgusting. 💘 (don’t hate)

🍏Do you read beautiful passages a number of times, to savour like a wine tester? I usually mark them with a little tiny post-it to be able to suddenly go back and remember and CRY LIKE A BABY. 😭 😭 I do re-read beautiful quotes quite often.

🍎Do you drop the book if you are not engaged in first 50 pages? I don’t, just because I like to give it always a chance. Bute I have dropped quite a few books until now, like An Abundance of Katherines by the beloved John Green… it was terrible.

🍍Which book would you most like to see done as a movie? Oh, wow, a lot of them. But I think I would say Where She Went by Gayle Forman bc I liked this book way more than2003 the first (and I loved it) and the film adaptation was extraordinary (the OST… 😍 😍  ), so yes, I’d die to see it done as a movie (but Anna, this is not gonna happen… I know I know, but it’s so hard 😭 😭).

And this is for today’s post!!!

(I actually forgot to write my questions, it’s not a joke. I just thought it was hilarious. Isn’t it? Anyways…)

These are my questions for you guys, feel free to answer them (and please, let me know if you do because I’m gossip AF).

🍔 Best and worst I’m gonna buy this book because of this gorgeous cover? (I know there’s a word for this, excuse me, I’m dumb)

🍕 Do you have more black or colored books?

🍖 What genre do you want to read more, but you don’t?

🍗 Paperback or Hardcover?

🍜When you read a hardcover book, do you read it naked or  full-dressed? THE BOOK I MEAN, OMG.

🍝 Coffee or tea while reading? (I don’t like Cola, so coffee or tea? )

🍟 Are you a day-reader or a late night-reader? If you mainly read on the subway as I do, say it.

And this is everything (for real now) for today’s post. I hope you guys enjoyed it and please please, If you do this tag/challenge/award on your blog, let me know. I WANT TO KNOW. Desperately.

Thank you so so so much for reading it, feel free to follow my blog if you like (don’t forget to confirm the subscription by email if you don’t have a WordPress account!) and see you next time!!!!

Enjoy your reading ! 💘💘

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