TGIF #1 | Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell 🇬🇧

HELLO EVERYONE! It’s Anna and THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. I just finished my exams yesterday and I’m officially on holiday! It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

IMG_0307.GIFWell, since we all are happier on Friday, I thought I could open the new section on Friday so the next (maybe, I don’t know for sure) seven/eight weeks I’ll be posting about those books I thank God I read in English instead of in Spanish. It’s not like a review, but a recomendation-ish for those who want to start reading in English and don’t know where to start. All Right? So…


FullSizeRender (72)I wanted to start with this book because it’s the first full-book I fully read in English, from beginning to end and I LOVED IT WITH ALL MY HEART. 

Fangirl it’s about Cath who’s about to move to college next year. She’s always been this super shy girl who lives in her own world where the only important thing is her fanfics (that are pretty famous, btw), her sister and nothing else. This is the story of her getting out her comfort zone and exploring the real world that she has never known before. We have struggling in this book, and romance, and betrayal and self-improvement. We follow the Cath’s college-life and her sister’s and Levi’s (who is the cute, LIKE REALLY CUTE boy).

Seriously guys, this book is sooooo good that I totally loved it when I first read it. It was last year and, as I said, I had never read anything before (nothing fully at least) in English and I don’t know what came to my mind when I ordered it on Amazon , but I’m very glad I did it because, since then, I know I’m capable of reading in English and that has given me the opportunity to read amazing books that I wouldn’t have read in Spanish. Like at all. 

23c184016a4f075f60dbcaf17981d6e8And I know that I wouldn’t have liked it as much as I did if I had not read them in English. I don’t know but those who read both translated and original-version books probably know what I mean. It’s a totally different experience and it leaves a totally different feeling.

I decided to start with this book and I was totally right because it is very light reading, the vocabulary is super simple and easy to understand through the whole story and, guys, the plot-line is fantastic and fabulous and I completely fell in love with Cath (even though I thought she was a little bit immature at the beginning but still) and Levi and their relationship and spoiler alert (select the blank space to read it) the read this book to me out loud because I can’t concentrate in reading by myself till I fall sleep in your bed because I feel so comfortable with you that it would be totally possible is OMG, THE FEELS.

It’s true that the Simon Snow/ Harry Potter fanfic parts were a little slow to me and sometimes I found myself wondering why I wasn’t reading at the moment, and then I realized that I was blocked at that Simon Snow fanfic part that was too long for me to bear. But don’t you worry, child, just skip them if you need to. I did it because I wasn’t that used to read in English and it felt totally overwhelming so, I just didn’t. AND I AM A SUPER HARRY POTTER FAN, don’t misunderstand me. 😅 😅

But still,  I loved this book with all my heart and I recommend it so much. It’s an amazing YA book and OMG; I only have nice words for Fangirl so, please, read it! I need to fangirl about Fangirl with someone (like if you laughed, it was meant to be funny). 👍 👍

And that’s all for today’s post!! Thanks everyone for reading it and thank God it’s Friday and I hope you had a great time. See you next Friday, (or even sooner).

Please subscribe and leave a comment down below if you want me to talk about anything in particular!!  💘💘 Have a nice weekend and enjoy your reading!


2 comentarios sobre “TGIF #1 | Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell 🇬🇧

  1. ¡Hola!
    Tú te has sentido bien al conseguir leer un libro en inglés de principio a fin y yo me siento igual de contenta por haber entendido tu entrada de principio a fin hahahahh. Yo también quiero empezar a leer en inglés, lo he intentado un par de veces pero lo he ido dejando por falta de tiempo y – admitámoslo ya- por pereza, así que me apuntaré este si dices que es fácil de entender que por algún sitio hay que empezar ^^
    ¡Un beso, muy original escribir la entrada en inglés, y seguramente con un esfuerzo doble, así que enhorabuena! 😀

    Me gusta

    1. Ayyyyyyy thank you sweetheart 😁 😁 Si quieres empezar a leer en inglés, voy a subir más recomendaciones en inglés todos los viernes, así que (si por lo que sea ya te has leído FANGIRL o no te interesa) habrá muchos (bueno, unos cuantos) pronto !!!!
      Mil millones de gracias por pasarte & enjoy your reading!! 💙 💙

      Me gusta


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