It’s Anna (or Holland or both) and I’m super excited to open this new section on the blog, which is THE ENGLISH HOLLAND AND BOOKS BLOG!!!!! 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 😁 👏 (yaaaaaay).   

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time and that’s because I feel I’m doing something wrong with this whole blogger/ reviewer thing and that is I usually review all the books I read in Spanish (because, duh, I live here), even the ones that I read in English and that’s all because I’m not (or I wasn’t, or thought I wasn’t) confident enough to express myself and my feelings in a language that is not my main. I kind of felt anxious about the fact that I couldn’t know if I was doing it in a right way or not. But recently, when it comes to books, I feel more comfortable reading books in their original version, even though they are published here in Spain. I don’t know why (and I think the translation work is amazing and really difficult) but I think nothing can make me feel the way I do when I read the exact same words the author wrote in the first place.

There are many words in Spanish for love, but there’s only one in English and , trust me, to read something in Spanish can be sooooo cheesy if the words are not chosen properly.

And, in the other hand, I’m not saying Spaniard people don’t read books in English, we do ( seriously ), but I haven’t found yet not even one person that had read any Colleen Hoover book that is not translated.

I opened the blog in the first place to find people who love what I love. People who read what I read and I did, I found amazing people, amazing bloggers. It’s just that, sometimes, I feel disappointed because that review about that book that I loved with all my heart remains totally unnoticed and, on the other side, that review about the latest boom here in Spain gets visits almost everyday, and I don’t think that’s fair, because I probably liked the first one way more than the other, but no one knows it.

So, for now on the idea is to post at least three times a week (guys, it’s summer, I think I can do it), and one of them will be for the THE ENGLISH HOLLAND AND BOOKS BLOG!!!!! section, at least, AT LEAST.😁 😁 It may be a review, or a Tag or anything that has to do with books… exactly as I have been doing until now, but in another language (sometimes).


All this section posts will be on the main page (with the Spanish ones) and, on the right side, there’s a widget that collects all the categories, so if you click on the British flag, you’ll go straight away to the English set. 😅 😅


Feel free to follow me on twitter (it’s @hollandandbooks & @missholland_)  and on the blog as well (don’t forget to verify the subscription if you don’t have a WordPress account)!!

Thank you very much & enjoy your reading 💘 💘

2 comentarios sobre “HI EVERYONE! 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  1. Hi, beauty!
    A few days ago I wanted to send you a email for talking about this but I didn’t do (I don’t know why yet). I know that you read books in English and I want to start doing the same thing this summer. I have an intermediated level of English (B2/FCE) but I don’t practise anything at all and I want to change this.

    So all of this is for saying you that I’m going to be somebody who is gonna read your new section everytime yo write something for it.


    Bueno, bueno, tendré mil fallos en el texto que acabo de escribir porque sí, porque mi inglés está más oxidado que cualquier otra cosa pero bueno. Que me gusta mucho que te animes a escribir reseñas sobre tus libros en inglés y que yo estaré aquí para no perder detalle. Como petición/sugerencia… ¿Habría alguna posibilidad de que pudieras añadir la dificultad del libro leído una vez lo reseñes? No vaya a ser que me lance de cabeza a por él porque me guste y me dé de bruces contra un muro y no entienda nada.

    Y nada más, preciosa.
    Nos estamos leyendo.

    Me gusta


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